Wedding Dress Shopping Tips


Hi there and welcome to our blog!  Wedding dress shopping can be one of the most horrible, stressful tasks associated with the wedding (and is the reason this brand was started!) so we thought it would be a good topic to begin our blog.  Hope you find our tips useful!

Start looking early
Avoid last minute stress and start looking for your wedding dress 9-12 months before your wedding day. This gives you breathing room to take your time finding the perfect dress, and you also need to factor in time for alterations to be made too. 

Have some initial ideas...
Look for inspiration in magazines and on Pinterest to get an idea of what kind of styles and details you like the most. This will give you a starting point and stop you getting wedding dress overwhelm from all of the styles available when you begin your search.  Check out what you like online, and find stockists in your area for the designers you like.    If you are going into a boutique, check if you need to make an appointment, if there is a charge and how many peeps you can bring with you.  Ask the boutique what size their dress samples are (most boutiques carry samples in a range of different sizes, but make sure that they have the specific dresses you like in approximately your size)

... but be open to different styles
You might never have considered a wedding dress with sleeves, but you could try one on and realise you've found "the one". Try to keep an open mind and try on some wedding dress styles outside of your initial picks - you may find that something you didn't like on the hanger looks incredible when you put it on and you could fall in love with the most unexpected dress!

Set a budget 
And stick to it! Budgets are boring but you need to be realistic about what you can afford. A gorgeous heavily embellished lace bridal gown with lots of hand embroidery might blow your budget, but maybe you could save money in other areas. However, you don't want to fall in love with a dress far outside your price range and end up distraught that you can't wear it for your wedding. Whether you're spending £100 or £10,000, beautiful wedding dresses can be found to suit any budget. Remember to factor in the costs of alterations and accessories like veils too, as they can start to really add up.

Only bring a small entourage 
Don't be tempted to bring a large group with you when you go wedding dress shopping. If you take every bridesmaid, auntie, cousin, family friend etc with you there will be too many different voices and opinions and they may confuse you and try to sway you towards a dress you don't like, or away from one you love. Only take the people whose opinion you know you couldn't do without, whether it's your mum or your best friend, and keep the number small.

Underwear & heels
Wear nude underwear and a skin coloured bra when shopping for your wedding dress (or your bridal lingerie if you’re already bought that.) If you've got VPL or wearing bright pink underwear it will show through and be all you notice instead of the dress! White underwear shows through underneath white fabrics really easily so we recommend avoiding it altogether and going for nude or pale blush pink underwear.  Take a pair of heels too if you plan on wearing heels on your big day. It will be a lot easier to see what the wedding dress will look like and for the stylist to gauge how long the dress needs to be.

Do your hair and makeup
You don't have to go all-out and recreate the style you want on your wedding day, but taking some time to do your hair and makeup before dress shopping is often a good idea. Just like taking high heels with you, it will help you get a better idea of the "whole look" and you will look in your bridal gown on your wedding day. 

Move around and sit down
When you're trying on wedding gowns, don't just stand still in them! When you're trying on so many beautiful dresses, it can be easy to forget that on your wedding day you will moving around a lot and not just standing still and looking beautiful. Make sure your potential wedding dress is comfortable and fits in all the right places by walking around, sitting down (you want it to fit sitting down at the reception) and having a boogie.

Don't be hangry
Make sure you are well fed and watered before attempting any wedding dress shopping missions.  It sounds silly but bridal shopping is more enjoyable when your tummy isn't grumbling.  We also recommend a restorative glass of wine after all wedding dress shopping experiences.

Trust your instincts 
At the end of the day, whatever style of dress you choose, price you pay and opinions you take on board, only you can make the final decision on your bridal gown. It will be one of the most emotional decisions you ever make, and you should trust your instincts when it comes to your wedding dress. If you have to be persuaded to buy a dress you aren't immediately in love with, chances are it isn't the one for you and you'll regret it. As soon as you put on "the dress" you'll know it, so trust your gut and go with the dress you love!