Wedding dress customisation and alterations explained

Customisation and Alterations

During fittings recently there have been a few questions about Customisation and Alterations. Here is my definitive guide!


pattern cutting equipment for boho wedding dresses London

I refer to customisation as changes we make to the dress before its made, and alterations as changes made to the dress after its made. Generally its cheaper to customise your wedding dress before it is made than to pay for alterations after it is made.

If you like the Francis Bridal style (yay!) we can offer: the collection gowns, a customised collection gown, or a fully bespoke gown.

Our collection wedding dresses are all made to order in London. This means we don't hold stock of the dresses and make them individually as they are ordered. They come in standard UK sizing and we will help you figure out which size is best for you.
Included: We can change the length of the skirt part and the length of the sleeve included in the dress price. We can also fill in the Valence dress neckline as you wish.
Not included: making the dress to your specific measurements, changing the bodice.

sewing a boho wedding dress

If you like the style of a particular dress, but want to customise it to suit you more, just ask! If we can we will! For example, you could change the style of a sleeve, or a neckline. We are currently doing a fully customised dress for one of our brides which involves changing the style of the sleeve and making it to her specific measurements. There is a charge for customisation, and it really just depends on what you would like. I will let you know how much it would cost at the time of your fitting.

I can also design a fully bespoke gown for you. Just let me know what you are after! The price will depend on design and fabric etc. This will involve multiple fittings :)

Its normal for a made to order wedding dress to require some alterations to fit your perfectly. Our goal is that you either won't need alterations or that they'll be really minimal! We don't offer alterations at present (because I think its better and cheaper to customise the dress before it is made) but I can help you with them and suggest some good tailors if alterations are required.

Hope that helped to explain the customisation / alteration process! Please let me know if you have any questions! xx


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