Meet the Muse - Bettina

We loved working with Bettina so much, we asked if we could feature her on the blog! Here’s our interview with our favourite brunette :)


Modern bridal model

Name: Bettina

Occupation: Model

Agency: IMM

Where are you based: my base is Germany, Tübingen

Whats it like living in Tübingen? Any recommendations?
Tübingen is a beautiful town in the south of Germany. Half the population is made out of students, so there are a lot of knowledge-hungry young people and if you come to Germany you should definitely stop by: the river Neckar runs through town and invites for strolls along the riverbank or a coffee, ice-cream or dinner at one of the restaurants and Cafés along the water. Its an old town, so the buildings are very pretty too and you even can take some champagne to the castle in the evening and watch the sunset from there. Its in the middle of town, but uphill. I love to go up there, just to take a deep breath and enjoy the view for a moment in peace.

How did you get into modelling?
I met the owner of my mother agency at the airport when I was about the age of 19, she gave me her card and soon after I started into the journey of modeling... Going places, meeting people, exploring this ambiguous but exciting industry - its been an opportunity in many ways.

How would you describe your style?
Casual, relaxed, but also classic and minimalistic. I love if I find pieces that are of great quality, beautifully made and versatile. My clothes should become companions, not fashion-one-night-stands.

Whats your hobby?
I enjoy being active with friends or on my own– I do yoga or budokon while traveling or at home, go to the gym and sauna with friends, swimming and hiking with my family. I am also a master-degree student for literary and cultural theories, so I read and write a lot when on my own, or draw if I need a break.

Isn't it crazy that size 12 is considered plus size in the modelling industry! Has size been an issue for you in your career and what do you think of the size 0 debates?
Thats a tough question. I for myself am kind of unimpressed by the label that is given to „plus size models“ by the industry. When I meet other models referred to as plus size, I have to say they are all in-cred-ibly beautiful and healthy in their physical appearance (and thats no exaggeration), while smart, dedicated and hard working- I guess thats a plus!? Or is this just whats considered being a model;)
One may say that models are supposed to wear the prototypes of fashion, true –but they are also unique humans, no matter if you call them straight or plus. People come in different forms and it isn’t a fault or flaw but very much human nature to have or be something plus to the „prototype“ no matter if you wear an 8, a 16 or a 4. If you want to see a flaw you will find one, if you are a size 4 or 14. I am much more content now with my body then I was when I was younger and skinnier. You always have a hard time when fighting with yourself…how goes that song? "…cause I got me for life".
About the size 12? I think it is considered plus size only because this is where they draw the line between straight and plus, most plus size brands will still book a 14 upwards. I wished we wouldn’t have to draw a line at all. I really don’t know why? Its so much more interesting - and convincing!- if you neighter call your brand plus size nor regular and use models of different sizes, colors and age groups! Don’t we feel instantly connected to such a message? Its a step by step process, but I hope for a future where sizes don´t matter the way they do today... and its amazing to see that brands like Francis Bridal are leading the way. I am confident that when appreciating ourselves and the (wo)men around us as the unique human beings we are, we will no more get uncomfortable around variations in sizes.

What was your favourite thing about the Francis shoot?
The team has been wonderful and I think we all enjoyed the process of revealing one dress after the other. Each one of them has such a flair of its own and you touch so many eras that it never got boring. I think the effect will be that each dress will only emphasize the uniqueness of the bride wearing it. Just what a wedding dress should do ;)

Which Francis dress was your favourite and why?
Tough...the Beaumont would be absolutely lovely for a summer-wedding outdoors or even at the beach…ah dreams….it has got those delicate little lace sleeves. Worn up or down, they give the dress an effortless feeling without loosing the festive vibe. But the Quarante has this beautiful, beautiful neckline and lace all over. It has this genuine and pure aura … clearly another favorite!

Francis Bridal Quarante Dress long sleeved lace wedding dressFrancis Bridal Beaumont Dress boho wedding dress
Favourite holiday destination:
Too many places I still need to explore! But I have dear memories of holidays in Tuscany and Umbria and we are planing Rome for this atumn. And I have sworn to return to Ubud, Bali very soon.

Favourite food:
I am simple. I like fresh, juicy fruits and veggies. And I loove the homemade moldovan soup my boyfriend makes– or his receipt for a pan with potato, veggies, and chili...

Likes: Books, the sea, falling asleep to the sound of rain, white clay houses, gifting, deep conversations, dancing.

Dislikes: Ignorance, unimaginativeness.

Who is your role model:
My grandma, for opening my eyes to the beauty in little things every day. My sisters, for the compassion they have for life.

Anything else?
Only the best wishes for a lot of seasons to come and that the dedication and love for everything you do at Francis Bridal continues to grow - just as I've seen you work it on the day of our shoot!

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