Insiders look into bridal hair & makeup..... guest blog post from Cat Parnell

Our first ever guest blog post is about a very important subject, and one that can strike terror into the hearts of totally calm, chilled out brides to be.  I've asked the lovely Cat Parnell, HMUA from Unveil UK to share her thoughts on bridal hair & makeup and give us some professional insight!  As a habitually non-makeup wearing tomboy I was terrified and clueless about HMUA and so lucky that Cat was recommended for our 1st studio & look book shoots.  She was so calm, friendly, professional, helpful and lovely to be around I forgot about my pre-shoot nerves!  And then she proceeded to create the most perfect "natural and best shining self" looks from my vague incoherent ideas.  Not to mention whipping up a halo braid in less than 10 minutes!  Passing over to Cat now:

Cat Parnell bridal hair & makeup artist

I feel bridal hair and make-up has a real stigma behind it, the term can often make people feel uncomfortable at the idea of having old fashioned heavy make-up and unflattering scraped back hair. However, that isn’t the case if you source a good professional. It’s so important to find someone who listens to your wants and needs and combines their particular style with yours harmoniously.

wedding hair & makeup
One thing I whole heartedly believe is that on your wedding day you shouldn’t feel like you need to do something totally different just because it’s your big day. As a result, you won’t feel like yourself. If you love wearing your hair down, wear it down! If that’s what makes you feel like you. A professional artist is here to make you feel like an extra special version of yourself.

Vintage look bridal hair & makeup

Here’s why I feel it’s so important to hire a professional hair and make-up artist on your wedding day:

1. Time management
This may not be something you thought you’d see on this post but I’m not exaggerating when I say time absolutely flies on wedding mornings. One of our main jobs on the day is ensuring everything runs smoothly and on time. This will minimise stress for everyone involved. Being a calming influence helps to keep everyone relaxed and feel comfortable knowing you’re in good hands!

wedding hair

2. Long Lasting
We understand what products are on the market for each skin type and colour to ensure it lasts into the early hours of the morning, even after lots of dancing! We’ve done all the trial and error with testing products over the years so you don’t have to. Knowing what products are also great for the camera is so important and we ensure that all our products look beautiful in your photos. Having a trial also allows you to try the hair and make-up prior to the big day and ensure it lasts as long as you need it to.

wedding hair & makeup

3. Experience

During our training to become a make-up and hair stylist, we’re trained to highlight someone’s best features and subtly hiding any imperfections. We know how to frame your face with the perfect eyebrow shape for you, help to create the perfect eyeliner and shadow shape to contour your eyes, and pick the perfect blush shade to enhance your natural flush. We never use foundation with SPF in it as that reflects light on camera and makes you look about 3 shades lighter! It’s skills like this that we’ve picked up over the years to ensure you look your absolute best and that’s why you get what you pay for!

bridal hair & makeup
4. For the Enjoyment
One of the most important things is just having a couple of hours to be pampered and preened to perfection! We all love to be indulged every now and again and when is more important than your wedding day. You don’t need any other excuse, it’s all part of the experience and you deserve it!

Bridal hair & makeup

5. Help and Support
Something my bride’s always say to me which I truly appreciate is the support I give on the day. It’s not just about the hair and make-up skills, but the communication to help each bride feel comfortable, calm and excited. It’s a very intimate environment taking part in someone’s wedding preparations and remaining respectful and efficient is key.
It’s exciting to live in an era where we can be more adventurous with our hair and make-up without people casting judgement our way. I absolutely love working in the bridal industry as I meet so many amazing people and hear such lovely stories and I feel so grateful that I can be a part of someone’s wedding day.

Bridal hair & makeup


Thanks so much for taking the time to share that with us Cat!  All these gorgeous images are examples of Cats work, you can see more here.


Trish xx