Dress Fittings - What to expect at your appointment

We hope that you’ll enjoy the cosy and relaxed environment of our Bridal Lounge located in my flat in Kew Gardens! We aren’t a traditional bridal shop, infact we are not actually a shop (you will literally be in my lounge) and our fittings are by appointment only. Dress shopping can be really intimidating and a bit weird so we’ve tried to create something that is totally the opposite of that.   The feeling we’re aiming for is that you’ve come round to your friends house and spent an hour hanging out and trying on beautiful dresses. There is always a huge selection of herbal tea and coffee, wine if you let me know in advance and fresh kombucha if you time your visit right! 

Francis Bridal lounge
Appointments usually last 1 - 1.5 hours (depending on how much time we chat) During the appointment you will have time to try on anything you like from the collection, including veils and belts. Its always a good idea to let us know if there is a particular style you would like to try on so I can make sure its here for you and not out at a shoot or trunk show.  Appointment times are Saturday 11- 6pm. We can also offer evening appointments on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Francis Bridal lounge for dress fitting appointments
All our samples are a UK size 12 or size 10 and will fit up to a DD bust as standard. I’ve tried to make all of the dresses so that you can wear a standard bra with them, but most of the women who have had fitting so far have been totally bra optional, and that completely works too. Do what suits you! We have fit on big boobs, small boobs, wide backs, small backs, big shoulders, small shoulders, long legs, short legs, long backs and short backs - you name it we can put a dress on it. Don’t worry if you are not a size 12, if you are below a 12 we will pin the dresses to fit, and if you are above a 12 we’ll leave them open, this will work for up to a UK size 16. I’ll take your measurements and we will figure out what the best Francis size would be best for you.

Wedding dresses and bridal gowns in the Francis Bridal showroom
Wear nude underwear to your appointment, because white will totally show through the dresses. Please also bring some shoes with a similar heel to what you think you’ll wear on the day. 

There is space to bring up to 2 guests with you. We don’t recommend any more people than that because it gets too crowded in the Bridal Lounge and also because the fitting is all about you.  Sometimes with a larger group of people there can be a lot of opinions flying around, and we think the best option is always for you to go with your gut. When its the one you will know! So bring your shining self, up to 2 friends, nude underwear and some banging shoes to the appointment and you’ll be away laughing.

Francis Bridal Lounge

If you find some thing you love - yay!!  After receiving payment we will order the fabrics for your dress and book in a time for it to be made at our sample room in London.  We will discuss your deadlines, when the dress needs to be ready and when & where you would like it delivered.  Our standard lead time for the wedding dresses is 16 weeks, but let me know if you need it sooner and we'll try and make it happen!  

Trish xx