A guide to bridal lingerie shopping - for comfort and style

Your bridal lingerie is almost as important as your wedding dress and just as difficult to find.  With this in mind, here is a non-scientific review of some of the wedding lingerie out there.....

We recommend that you buy your dress first and then choose your bridal lingerie as the shape and fit of the dress will determine what kind of bra and knickers you'll need to wear on your wedding day.  While it would be awesome to bring your wedding lingerie to your dress fittings, its a total chicken and egg situation - you can't buy your underwear until you've locked down your dress.  To get around this, just bring your own nude coloured underwear to the dress fittings. Then at least you will have something to wear that fits during dress fittings and can buy something gorgeous when your wedding dress is confirmed.

Shapewear or not to shapewear?
Shapewear is often included in advice about wedding lingerie, but is by no means a requirement. If you are leaning towards a gorgeous boho wedding dress that is very fluid and drapey and would prefer a little extra support from shapewear, make sure you wear it a few times before your wedding to check it is going to be comfortable all day, and that you can move around easily in it. Many brides find shapewear to be uncomfortable and restrictive, and if that’s the case for you then don't wear it. We think its only really necessary under bias cut or clingy styles (for example our Tarbes skirt) where its easy to get a VPL.

It doesn’t have to be white
There are so many shades of white that it can be difficult to match your bridal lingerie to your dress, or even match your bra and knickers if they haven’t come as a set. White also shows through white easily, (think about how you can always see someone’s white bra through a white t-shirt,) and so your underwear could end up showing through your wedding dress if you’ve gone for a modern bridal gown made from a lighter fabric like georgette, chiffon or crepe. Often a better colour choice is ivory, or underwear that matches your skin tone, which is least likely to be visible through the fabric of your wedding dress.

Agent Provocateur Love Bra

The Agent Provocateur Love bra is a bridal classic and comes in white (not ivory) but you could still wear it underneath a dress with a heavy fabric bodice (e.g. the Beaumont Dress).  For a demi bra it gives surprisingly good support up to DD cup. 

Skin tone underwear probably reminds you of boring, plain t-shirt bras, but there are lots of attractive styles appearing in nude tones that are really pretty.  Check out the Shell Belle Couture Club Half Pad bra in Fleur L'Orange - this would totally work as a nude bra option for up to a C cup. The only thing you would need to watch is the satin waist band on the knickers could show through depending how light your skirt is.  A lot of brides get around this by wearing no VPL shapewear during the day and changing into their lacey knickers after the reception.

Shell Belle Couture

Mimi Holliday make gorgeous, playful lingerie and most styles are available up to DD cup.  They also have the coolest bra guide we've ever seen.  Its really well designed and gives advice on what styles to choose if you love the look of a style but need more support.

Mimi Holliday style guide

This M&S nude multiway bra is not pretty by any stretch of the imagination, but it would work under most wedding dresses and is a bargain at £22.50.  We used it in our photoshoots so that the models didn't need to keep changing underwear for dresses with different shaped necklines.  Another cool thing about this bra is the clear straps which aren't visible underneath lace, so if you are wearing a lace wedding dress with a sheer bodice but still want some support from straps (eg. Albi or Quarante), this would work really well.  Its available from A - DD cup.

M&S Multiway BraM&S Multiway Bra

 Love & Lemons is a cool US brand and have started making some gorgeous lingerie under their Skivvies range.  Its so beautiful, but probably only for brides with small girls as there is not much support going on here...

Love & Lemons Skivvies
If you have a strict budget, or would just rather spend your money on other aspects of your wedding, Boux Avenue and Bravissimo offer beautiful bridal styles at affordable prices, and have a great range of larger cup sizes too. The Bravissimo Satine bra & knickers in nude would work well under most wedding dresses and is available up to a J cup.  From Boux Avenue the Samantha Full Support Plunge Bra or the Angelina Satin Longline Bra both look classic and gorgeous.

If you’d like something a bit more unusual, check out Etsy for independent designers and handmade pieces, often at very reasonable prices.

For the bride who wants to splash out and treat herself for her wedding day, Myla is a name synonymous with beautiful, high-end lingerie, and of course Agent Provocateur is the ultimate brand for underwear with added sex appeal AND they have awesome sales - hello Love Bra for £25! 

We’ve fallen in love with the vintage-inspired lingerie and nightwear from Shell Belle Couture (we think it complements the modern vintage look of our Francis wedding dresses beautifully.)  This gorgeous slip is made from washed silk with leavers lace soft cups.

 Shell Belle Couture Tease Slip

For boho brides, take a look at Free People. Although they don’t have a dedicated bridal line of underwear, many of their effortless bohemian styles would make perfect wedding nightwear.

Ultimately being comfortable on your wedding day will help you look and feel your most beautiful, so whatever type of underwear feels best for you, that’s what you should wear for your big day (even if it’s no underwear at all!)

* This post is not sponsored (we wish!!)